European Investment Fund Review - EIFR

Publisher: Anthemis

Investment funds is an important topic within the worldwide economic industry. It is a very technical field which the review handle through:
• In-depth technical analyses;
• A follow-up of the current events at the European and even international level;
• Regular doctrinal and jurisprudential

• Practical information;
• Tax, legal and regulatory aspects of the funds.

The purpose of the review is to offer:
• Technical analyses on investment funds as well as current information, recommendations, and practical solutions;
• An European perspective.

Who for?
• All professionals in the field: lawyers, asset managers, lawyers specialized in banking as well as finance, investment funds, etc.

The review also aims to become a reference with its authors and committee members who are renowned in their respective fields.

The quality of the content is controlled by the peer review.

Editorial board
Scientific commitee:

Pierre-Olivier van Caubergh, Ezechiel Harvenne

Members of the scientific commitee
Etienne Dessy, Antonio Fade, Oliver Hoor, Michel Lambion, Tobias Lochen, Rima Maitrehenry, Samantha Schmitz
Price online only
€ 162.26 (excl. VAT)
« Web only » subscription: 172 euros TTC (= -20% on Jurisquare and
Price per item: 60 euros TTC

Publications: 2 publications per year

Release: October - April

ISSN: 2795-7098

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